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Innings Per Division

a> All 18U Division games are 7 innings.

b> Exception #1: The Mercy Rule shall be in effect for all zone qualifier and provincial playoff games (Section 13.00, Section 13.01).

c> Exception #2: Tied Games (Section 13.02).

18U Division Pitching Limitations (Refer to Annual Handbook or Website for ALL Pitch Count Rules)

a> Pitch Count will be used. The following chart shows pitch count limitations:

b> For the 18U Division a Pitcher cannot pitch 3 consecutive days unless the pitcher’s first 2 days combined does not exceed 40 pitches. If the pitcher’s day 1 + day 2 exceeds 40 pitches they require at least one (1) days rest.

c> Pitchers cannot pitch 4 consecutive days - one (1) days rest is needed.

d> Intentional Walks are allowed in 18U and will be included in Pitch Count totals even though you do not
physically throw any pitches. If you choose to intentionally walk a batter, you must inform the umpire. If no pitches are thrown - 4 pitches will still be charged to the pitch count. If you decide after throwing 2 pitches to put the batter on, then you just inform the umpire and the batter is awarded 1st. In this case, however many strikes were thrown plus a total of 4 balls will count towards the pitch count. (2019)


e> If a pitcher meets the requirements to pitch on consecutive days and the pitcher does not go over the first daily threshold during game 1, they are permitted to have a 2nd appearance in the same calendar day.


Pitchers will not be permitted to exceed the maximum daily allowable number of pitches in any two-day period.

Pitchers cannot pitch in 3 games during a day.


  • A 18U pitcher throws 39 pitches on Day 1. On Day 2, that pitcher is limited to 66 pitches.

  • A 18U pitcher throws 40 pitches in Game 1 on same calendar day, they can then still throw 65 more pitches in Game 2 of the same day

  • A 18U pitcher throws 41 pitches in Game 1. That pitcher is no longer eligible to pitch again that same day or the next day.

Nine Man Baseball Rules

a> Nine Man Baseball Rules will be used in all 18U Divisions
b> Shall be in accordance with the current Baseball Canada Rulebook and the rules, regulations and policies of Baseball Sask.

The DH Rule

The designated hitter for the pitcher, within the established guidelines, shall be allowed only in the 18U, 21U and Senior divisions. (1997)


Teams are allowed to re-enter a player into the game if an injury or illness occurs. When there are no more players eligible to replace the injured player, the last able player removed from the game can replace the injured/ill player. Once an injured/ill player is replaced, he/she may not come back into that game. (1998)

Courtesy Runner for the Catcher

will not be allowed in playoff or championship games

Player Ejection with no Substitutions Left

If a team has used all substitutions and a player is ejected, the last player substituted for, may be put back in the game. This can only be done once in a game.

International Tie Breaker

In the event that the game is tied at the end of regulation innings, extra innings will be played until a winner/loser can be determined using the following method:

Extra inning game procedure

If the game is tied at the completion of regulation, the following procedures will be implemented during extra innings:

Each team will begin the extra inning (and any subsequent necessary extra innings) with the player of first and second, no outs. (see example below to confirm who is on first and second).


The batting order of the extra inning or any subsequent inning will be determined by how the previous inning ended. (See example below to confirm who is at bat).

The traditional system of the visiting team hitting in the top of the inning and the home team hitting in the bottom of the inning will remain in effect until a winner is determined.


If the last regulation inning ends with the #6 hitter having the last plate appearance (PA), then the extra inning begins the #7 hitter at bat, and the #5 hitter at second base and the #6 hitter at first base.

With the exception of beginning the inning with runners on first and second base with no one out, all other "Official Baseball Rules" and "Canadian Rules" will remain in effect during extra innings required to determine a winner.

Setting tie breaker innings using Game Changer.

To score an inning using the international (or California) tiebreaker rule, first identify who the last two batters for the previous inning were by tapping on the team on the bottom bar. Then follow these steps:

  1. ap on 2nd base and place the runner at second.

  2. Tap on 1st base and then place the other runner at first.


The game will now be formatted for the international tie breaker rule, and you can begin scoring.

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